Database software DATATRON

Would you like to organize your data in a database simply and clearly laid out? Than you should try the database software Datatron. Datatron is a top-quality and all purpose desktop database software and therefore the perfect solution for your problem.


Without dealing with field length and variables you can generate any user defined database. You do not have to be able to program or to have any knowledge about databases at all because with the database software Datatron you can create personalised databases with a point-and-click. To enable any user to benefit from this database software datatron was deliberately simple created.

Nevertheless the database software Datatron is flexible. You can exactly query the information you need. So you do not have to go on buying different database software for any different data maintenance. There is an end of the data chaos: Buy only one database software: Datatron!


Highlights of database software DATATRON

The application range of the database software Datatron is unlimited: You can create as many data bases as you want and you can organize data like: adresses, pictures, videos, music, files, Hyperlinks etc. By now Datatron can govern videos (e.g. mpeg etc.) and sounds (e.g. mp3 etc.) and play them back directly. Therefore please use in the mask editing mode a data field of the typ sound or video. To play the video/sound just doubleclick the player! The database software Datatron is also able to govern your e-mail adresses. Therefore you can create very easily circular e-mails and of course even circular letters. Thereby the database software Datatron goes on working together with your text program, e.g. Word.

The data can be imported and exported in different formats. (e. G. text, dBase, Access, Excel, Word). A license free run time module enables you to transfer your data to friends and colleagues. In addition there is an alignment function for your data records (especially useful for representatives). A wizard is on your side to help you. Moreover the database software Datatron offers the possibility of subqueries andcomputation.

The database software Datatron has been present in the market since 1994 and has been improved and adapted to the needs of our clients since then constantly. We have many satisfied customers as well from the business as from the private sector. The database software Datatron has been recommended and evaluated positively in computer journals since the first version for several times. The database software Datatron works with all windows operating systems.

Database software DATATRON offers you the following functions:

  • executable with all windows operating systems
  • personalized data bases
  • import function for files like graphic arts for a clipart library
  • easy to create serial letters
  • personalized input masks (e.g. including your own logo)
  • desktop functions: bitmaps, Cluster, bitmap-tiles, colours or changed colour gradient
  • existing masks can be filed and used as templates for new documents
  • list fields to select easily from a list
  • data fields can be used for direct contact to e-mail adresses. (Therefore a preloaded browser is assumed.)
  • password-protection
  • backup-function
  • several data bases can be executed by MDI (Multiple Document Interface)
  • internal text editor
  • simple text fields up to a size of 32000 characters
  • RTF (Rich-Text-Format, formated text) fields up to a size of 2 billion lines
  • data import with dBase, text- and Datatron-format.
  • data export with dBase, Text-, RTF- and Datatron-format.
  • possibility of interlocked calculations by internal query language
  • possibility of data base alignment: You can export data records using the new action
  • Furthermore you can create a log-file that informs you about every change that has been made.
  • A data-supervisor enables you to align each single data record or field individually.
  • with a transfer Datatron produces a well-defined key, i. e. it is not necessary to create certain key fields or the compliance with certain regulations.
  • a free scalable print preview for all printer types
  • you can overwrite the changed data and later recall them, optionally the date of the changes can be considered.


Download database software DATATRON

The database software Datatron is available as Shareware.
It is the highly improved version and posesses many advantages. The database software Datatron is beeing improved by us constantly. We are that commited to Datatron, that we give you a free and timeless trial of the database software Datatron (Please leave serial-number free and push cancel)

database software
 Datatron including data samples
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Supports all Windows operating systems

You can impart the Datatron shareware version (without a serial number) any time and without any limit as a copy online or at CD-ROMs for free (valid until recalled). Therefore you do not have to pay any license fee to us. In favour the manual can be used to introduce the program. Although the programming was made very carefully we absolve us from any responsability regarding the use of Datatron.

Order database software DATATRON

Only if you are convinced by the many advantages of the database software Datatron you should order it. For 19 USD you will get a powerful data base with efficient functions, which exceeds even the expectations of experienced data base users. You will get the ingenious data base software Datatron for only 19 USD and with it all future updates for free! Order right now! Our special offer: If you decide to buy the shareware version for only 19 USD you will get all future updates for free, order now.


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